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TWWM Administrative Changes

Sprite Rip: Small Sprout Edit - Feb 14th

Thanks for such a big response! I am still getting through all of my messages, I intend to follow up with all of you and am taking my time so I can have thoughtful exchanges with each of you. If you haven't heard from me today you will before the week is through — thank you!

Hey all! Thanks for your patience during updates and my solo management of the group, it has really helped me connect with how the group is evolving. I have some good things happening for me in my offline life in March, the last few months have been hard on me and I'm glad to have my luck start to turn around but this does mean I will be more busy than usual. At this point I'd like to start talking to people about building up the TWWM team after game updates have been completed. 
I know I've made plenty of slip-ups in the past few weeks and you have all been very kind and understanding. It's been a valuable experience for me to get to know you and the game more closely, I hope we can continue to work collaboratively and that new staff roles can help make the group more efficient and enjoyable for you all.

I am not posting a staff application, maybe it is unconventional but I would simply like to chat a bit with anyone interested in having a role in the TWWM administration to get to know you a bit and talk about what the workflow is like here. I rely heavily on help with the Esk-Masterlist (not my forte as many of you have seen haha) and due to spam in the galleries will require assistance with submission review more than ever. Raffle organization and scoring assistance for players are also wonderfully helpful. I am interested in having team members have specialized areas of focus and not be spread too thin. March will be a quieter month, updates should be completed and the event will be over, I think it will be good timing for us.

Please drop me a note if you are interested in having a chat, I am also available on Discord or can provide an email address if that is easiest. I'd like to start making arrangements at the end of February. Just say hi and let me know you'd like to talk about the TWWM team :]

thank you

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